The Gibert Marine shipyard: from the renown of Gib’Sea sailboats to acquisition by the Dufour Group

Gibert Marine was founded in 1972 in Marans, Charente-Maritime. Initially, the yard specialized in building sport keelboats such as the Téquila. Later, the company broadened its expertise to cruising and racing boats.

Gibert Marine specializes in the production of boats in the Gib’Sea line. These cruising-oriented models feature comfortable interiors and high-quality fiberglass hulls. The brand’s reputation and renown is such that its name is often associated with that of the shipyard itself.

In 1996, the Dufour Group acquired the Gibert Marine shipyard and its emblematic Gib’Sea brand. The group decided to retain the name of the famous Gib’Sea range.

In the years following the acquisition of the Gibert Marine shipyard, only a few Gib’Sea yachts were built each year, in response to demand from loyal Gib’Sea enthusiasts. These included the 10-meter Gib’Sea 33 and the 12-meter Gib’Sea 42. For a temporary period, these models were also mass-produced to meet greater demand.

Today, Gib’Sea continues to epitomize excellence and reputation in the racing-cruising field.

Gib’Sea Pre-Owned Boats: Quality and Performance for Sailing Enthusiasts

With a prestigious heritage and a well-established reputation in the racing-cruising field, Gib’Sea pre-owned boats represent a real opportunity for sailing enthusiasts who wish to benefit from the excellence and recognized performance of the Gib’Sea brand, at a more affordable price.

The most sought-after pre-owned Gib’Sea models are :

  • Gib’Sea 24
  • Gib’Sea 28
  • Gib’Sea 30
  • Gib’Sea 31
  • Gib’Sea 33
  • Gib’Sea 35 K
  • Gib’Sea 38 Ketch
  • Gib’Sea 43
  • Gib’Sea 51
  • Gib’Sea 106
  • Gib’Sea 114
  • Gib’Sea 126
  • Gib’Sea 51
  • Gib’Sea 42
  • Gib’Sea 242
  • Gib’Sea 262
  • Gib’Sea 372
  • Gib’Sea 282
  • Gib’Sea 312 Plus
  • Gib’Sea 334
  • Gib’Sea 442
  • Gib’Sea 472
  • Gib’Sea 522

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