The Gemini Marine shipyard: exceptional boats designed to withstand the most extreme conditions

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Gemini Marine shipyard was founded in 1979. The company manufactures semi-rigid and inflatable boats for rescue, military and patrol entities worldwide. The boats are specially designed to cope with the most extreme and dangerous conditions. Gemini Marine’s reputation is firmly established thanks to these organizations’ unanimous recognition of the company’s resilience, reliability and durability.

Gemini boats are built using the latest technologies and techniques. Thanks to the deep, rounded “V”-shaped hull, performance and maneuverability are exceptional in rough seas.

Every Gemini boat undergoes rigorous testing in some of the world’s most perilous marine conditions.

Gemini boats comply with the most stringent international standards, guaranteeing total confidence in reliability and top quality.

Gemini Marine boat ranges

The shipyard offers 2 boat ranges: Ribs and Cabin Ribs.

Gemini’s semi-rigid models (RIBs) are :

  • 1060 Waverider
  • 880 Waverider
  • 780 Waverider
  • 720 Waverider
  • 650 Waverider
  • 550 Waverider
  • 505 Waverider

The models in the Gemini Cabin RIBs range are :

  • 1060 Waverider
  • 880 Waverider

The most sought-after Gemini pre-owned boats on the market

The most sought-after Gemini pre-owned models on the market are :

  • Gemini WR880 
  • Gemini WR650
  • Gemini WR780 
  • Gemini WR1060 
  • Gemini Waverider 880 

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