The birth of the Outremer shipyard: A maritime adventure that began in 1984

The adventure of building the Outremer shipyard began in 1984 in La Grande Motte. Gérard Danson, a promising young architect from the Conati company, teamed up with the shipyard’s exceptional technician, Daniel Cailloux. Their aim was to build a 40-foot catamaran designed for ocean cruising. Thanks to his talent as a designer and his innovative vision, Gérard Danson realised that the essential characteristics of a multihull lay in lightness, thin hulls and a reduced draught.

What’s more, the construction of a second boat is underway, even before the launch of the first. As a result, new companions are enthusiastically joining the adventure. It then became essential to find a name for this structure and to proceed with its legal formalisation. The partners unanimously agreed on a name: Atelier Outremer was born!

Outremer: Sailing to Excellence and Victory

The first Outremer boats dominate the rankings of the races in which they take part. What’s more, Outremer boats are custom-built to meet the specific requirements of their owners. The Outremer models stand out for their open cockpit design, variable roof dimensions and choice of outboard or inboard engines.

The challenge was successfully met with the launch of a new 50-foot model. New hangars were also built to increase production capacity. The teams were strengthened and a specialised design office was set up.

The very first Outremer 45 triumphs in the prestigious single-handed English Transat. This remarkable victory considerably enhanced the reputation of the shipyard. Many families became aware of the advantages offered by a catamaran, which was both seaworthy and safe, making it an ideal choice for a sabbatical year around the Atlantic or a trip around the world.

Outremer catamarans sail the world’s oceans. What’s more, the boats have won prestigious races and rallies such as the Transat des Alizés, the Transat des Passionnés, the Transmed, the ARC, and many others.

A New Era of Ocean Cruising Under GLY’s Aegis

Gérard Danson’s departure in 2005 marked the end of a first era in the history of Outremer. However, in 2007, a new chapter began with the arrival of Grand Large Yachting. Armed with an enlightened vision of the synergy between ocean sailing and faithful to the fundamental values that have shaped Outremer’s identity, the GLY group revitalised production and forged partnerships with the best multihull designers.

Outremer 49: the renewal of the blue water catamaran, combining tradition and innovation

The renewal is embodied in the Outremer 49, which reflects major technological advances such as the complete integration of the structure by infusion. It also embodies developments in naval architecture, with a dynamically balanced hull and open-plan spaces.

Outremer Yachting is redefining the concept of the catamaran designed for long crossings. By preserving the marine qualities that have made Outremer famous, GLY brings the expertise of a group renowned for sea travel to further improve the quality of life on board and the reliability of the boats.

Outremer Yachting is redefining the concept of a catamaran designed for long crossings. While preserving the marine qualities that have forged Outremer’s reputation, GLY aims to further optimise the quality of life on board and the reliability of the boats.

Grand Large Yachting’s commitment, including Outremer, to sustainable sailing

At the heart of its mission, the GLY group is dedicated to the creation and construction of innovative sailing yachts, aware that sailing embodies a practice in harmony with nature. By capitalising on their expertise and commitment to sustainability, Outremer and the Grand Large Yachting group are actively involved in the transition to a more sustainable world. Their vision is to push back the boundaries of the marine industry by offering innovative and responsible solutions.

Outremer Catamarans: Sailing beyond horizons

Since its creation, the shipyard has seen more than 300 Outremer catamarans set sail across the world’s oceans. Today, Outremer catamarans continue to inspire new generations of sailors, spreading the spirit of freedom, adventure and respect for the environment across the world’s oceans. They remain an undisputed benchmark in the yachting industry and will continue to carry the dreams of those who aspire to live their passion for the sea to the full.

The Outremer range currently includes models from 48 to 60 feet. These are :

  • Outremer 45
  • Outremer 4x
  • Outremer
  • Outremer 52
  • Outremer 55

The most sought-after Outremer pre-owned catamarans

Whether crossing vast oceans, exploring heavenly lagoons or setting off to discover far-flung destinations, Outremer catamarans are the ideal travel companions. Thanks to their meticulous design and impeccable build quality, Outremer catamarans have earned the trust of the most demanding sailors.

The most sought-after pre-owned Outremer catamarans on the market include :

  • Outremer45
  • Outremer 50 L
  • Outremer 51
  • Outremer 55 Light
  • Outremer x5

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