A global benchmark: Zodiac boats combine versatility, lightness and robustness

With over 125 years’ experience as a manufacturer of inflatable and RIB boats, Zodiac Nautic is now present in more than 90 countries worldwide. The brand has become a global benchmark.

Zodiac boats are distinguished by their agility, lightness and sturdiness.

Zodiac offers a range of boats for fishing, diving and water sports.

The versatility of our semi-rigid tenders and folding inflatable boats is extraordinary. Semi-rigid models are easy to transport, and their ease of movement makes them ideal for nautical pleasures.

Folding RIBs combine a folding inflatable float with a rigid hull, offering comfortable space for passengers and easy storage.

Zodiac Nautic is a privileged partner of prestigious events, enjoying widespread recognition from industry experts, as well as numerous awards.

With a community of over one million Zodiac owners worldwide, the brand has firmly established itself as a trusted choice.

The diversity of Zodiac boat ranges

Zodiac offers a variety of boat ranges: Medline, Open, eOpen, Pro, Yachtline and the Cadet Tender range.

The Medline range, comprising four models from 5.8m to 9m, is the best-seller. Perfect for days at sea with family or friends, it includes the :

  • Medline 5.8
  • Medline 6.8
  • Medline 7.5
  • Medline 9

The Open range is available in eight different versions, from 3.1 m to 6.5 m, offering unrivalled versatility. These boats are designed for multiple activities, such as fishing or relaxation. The models are :

  • Open 3.1
  • Open 3.4 
  • Open 4.2
  • Open 4.8
  • Open 5.5 G
  • Open 5.5
  • Open 6.5
  • Open 6.5 G

Zodiac eOPEN is the pioneering range, powered entirely by electricity, following the launch of the eJET in 2017. It includes the :

  • eOpen 3.1
  • eOpen 3.4

The Pro range offers complete customization and answers a multitude of uses, whether for diving, fishing, spearfishing, work or water sports. It includes the :

  • Pro 420
  • Pro 500
  • Pro 5.5
  • Pro 6.5
  • Pro 7
  • Pro 850

Yachtline is the range of semi-rigid tenders. It includes the :

  • Yachtline 360
  • Yachtline 400
  • Yachtline 440
  • Yachtline 490

The Cadet range of inflatable tenders includes over 20 models.

The most sought-after Zodiac pre-owned boats on the market

The most popular used Zodiac models are :

  • Zodiac Open 4.8
  • Zodiac Medline 6.8
  • Zodiac Open 6.5  Gulfstream
  • Zodiac Pro 5.5
  • Zodiac Medline 7.5
  • Zodiac Medline 9
  • Zodiac Pro 12 Man
  • Zodiac Cherokee 495
  • Zodiac Medline 500
  • Zodiac Yachtline 500 Club
  • Zodiac Pro 550 Open
  • Zodiac Medline 580
  • Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin
  • Zodiac Pro Open 650 Raid Edition

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