How was the Dufour shipyard born?

The Dufour shipyard was founded in 1964 by Michel Dufour, a sailing enthusiast. His passion goes beyond the practice. First of all, he carefully studied all the details and techniques of sailing boats. Then, as an engineer, he discovered polyester. And so, he was inspired to build a sailboat with this material. So, in 1964 Michel Dufour decided to launch his first polyester sailboat within his new company: Le Stratifié Industriel. It was a transportable sailboat named “Sylphe”.

In 1965, Michel Dufour built about twenty units. The following year, three times as many boats were built. In addition, a key moment in the development of the shipyard was the publication of the Arpège. This new model of sailboat revolutionizes the market of sailing boats at that time. As a result, production was industrialized and manufacturing capacity increased.

The development of the Dufour shipyard in Europe and internationally

In 1971, the shipyard was renamed Dufour SA and set up a modern factory in Périgny, near La Rochelle. Since its improvements, more than 300 yachts are built per year. As a result, Michel Dufour is able to market and export his boats throughout Europe.

In addition to that, he created subsidiaries in Italy and in the United States. This is why Michel Dufour received the Oscar for Export in 1973.

Since then, the shipyard has been recognized as a European leader. In particular, during this period the shipyard created its most famous models.

These are:

  • Dufour 35
  • Dufour 27
  • Dufour 33
  • Dufour 34
  • Dufour 1300
  • Dufour 29
  • Dufour 31
  • Dufour 2800
  • Dufour 1800
  • Dufour T7
  • Dufour 3800
  • Dufour 4800
  • Dufour D28

In 1988, the shipyard is renamed – Dufour Yachts. In addition, the shipyard collaborates with the Lacoste brand to produce a limited series of 12 examples of the remarkable Dufour 42 cruising yacht, which continue to attract interest to this day.

At this time, the shipyard is launching a new premium range. In particular, it is the Dufour Prestige range, which represents very luxurious and modern sailboats.

In 1994, the shipyard surprised its public by the decision to renew its first yachts in the Dufour Classic range. At the same time, the shipyard is collaborating on the launch of the new Nautitech brand of catamarans.

The development of the Dufour shipyard in the 2000s

The 2000s were marked by an important decision by the shipyard. In 2001, the company was acquired by Fountaine Pajot, another French boat builder specialized in catamarans. Dufour became a partner with naval architect Umberto Felci. In addition, this collaboration gave birth to two remarkable ranges of Dufour sailing boats. The Performance range was launched in 2002. And the Grand Large range, which appeared the following year.

The models in the Dufour Performance range represent racing yachts.

The Dufour Grand Large models are cruising yachts.

Dufour sailboats today

Today, Dufour sailboats range from 9 to 18 meters.

In the 9 to 13 meter range, the models are

  • Dufour 32
  • Dufour 37
  • Dufour 390
  • Dufour 41
  • Dufour 430

In the range of 14 to 18 meters the models are designed for long distance cruising. They are:

  • Dufour 470
  • Dufour 530
  • Dufour 56
  • Dufour 61

In summary, the Dufour shipyard is a French sailboat builder known for its high-performance, elegant and comfortable boats.

Dufour used boats

Today, Dufour pre-owned boats are highly sought after on the market, due to their quality of construction, their performance at sea and their elegant design. The most popular models are:

  • Dufour 34
  • Dufour 36
  • Dufour 40
  • Dufour 44

Dufour boats are also appreciated for their comfort on board and their high quality navigation equipment. They are highly prized on the market for their quality construction and top-of-the-line sailing equipment.

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