The birth of the Aventura Catamarans brand: from light sail to composite, a remarkable expansion

The Aventura Catamarans brand was launched in the early 2000s, positioning itself in the field of composite design and construction. Originally, the company specialized in the manufacture of light sailing catamarans for coastal camping. Over the years, however, the Aventura Catamarans shipyard has expanded its range of boats. In particular, the shipyard forged its reputation and notoriety through the resumption of construction of the Camping Cat 23 and Diabolo 28 models, which were renamed Aventura 23 and Aventura 28.

A milestone in the history of Aventura Catamarans: the inauguration of the first models designed entirely in-house

In 2007, Aventura Catamarans inaugurated its very first model designed entirely in-house: the Aventura 20. This was followed by the full development of the Aventura 33, launched in 2010. In particular, this model confirms Aventura Catamarans’ capacity for innovation and its expertise in modeling. As a result, the shipyard continues to grow with the launch of the Aventura 43 in 2012.

Expansion of Aventura Catamarans: new state-of-the-art factory acquired in response to growing demand

In 2015, to meet growing demand for the Aventura Catamarans brand, the shipyard decided to acquire a new state-of-the-art factory in Menzel Bourguiba, near Bizerte, Tunisia. This decision comes after the company was initially located in Tazarka, near Nabeul. The aim is to be able to respond effectively to the significant increase in activity.

The birth of Aventura motor-powered models

Aventura Catamarans stands out for its ongoing commitment to innovation. In 2016, the shipyard proudly presented its first model designed entirely for motor propulsion.

Following this success, the company decided to completely overhaul its Aventura Catamarans range for 2018, introducing two new models.

This major breakthrough stimulates the company to completely overhaul its Aventura Catamarans range for 2018, with the introduction of two innovative models.

As part of this process, Aventura Catamarans establishes a close collaboration with Lasta Design Studios. 2019 marks a decisive turning point with the successful launch of two new iconic models: the Aventura 50 MY and the Aventura 37.

Current Aventura Catamarans models

Aventura Catamarans’ range of sailing models includes :

The Aventura Catamarans range of power models presents :

The most sought-after Aventura models on the used market

The most sought-after used Aventura models are generally :

  • Aventura 10 Power
  • Aventura 14
  • Aventura 33
  • Aventura 43
  • Aventura 44

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