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Mti 43 Pleasure (2017)

Used boat for sale

(Code 722647)
500,000 EUR
Technical details
United Kingdom
First registration
13,10 Mt
3,23 Mt
Côte d'Azur
Max onboard people
2 x 1.350 Hp - Mercury (2017)
Stern drive

MTI Marine 43 LI, 260 km/h, hang up your seatbelts! ...

If you are looking for something more extreme, like a supercar, this MTI Marine Pleasure 43 LI, powered by Mercury Racing, is for you.

Six bucket seats and 140 knots top speed...

2 Mercury engines 1.350 HP

2 M 8 headers

117 hours of use

6 seats

MTI trailer

British Blue Book Pavilion

European VAT paid

The most complete Garmin system GPS Map engines etc.

And especially the Mercury computer that records and retains all the anomalies even the smallest.

This boat is from 2017 , manufactured by Marine Technology Inc
MTI manufactures offshore for competition, boats often designed as narrow catamarans to offer them stability at the height of their maddening speeds.

In addition to the Race range, intended for UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship races, the shipyard has developed a more comfortable range, a bit like Ferrari and its series production.

On the menu, slender hulls with drawings very close to those of racing, a catamaran platform, nearly from 1200 to 3100 HP and astonishing top speeds.

The boat has been covered and not painted so if the buyer wants another decoration, he can remove the stickers the boat is white underneath.

All MTI catamarans are built using an epoxy, square, vacuum bagged and post-cured process. This makes these boats the lightest and strongest on the market for ultimate maneuverability and performance.


6 race-style bucket seats
Carling switches (marine water resistant)
Custom footrest
Custom-made marine-grade pressure belt
Beverage holders
Electro luminescent lighting
MTI accelerators and shifters corresponding to H.P.
Safety stop switches for ignition
Stereo Package Step 1
Wraparound windshield
Folding cushion in the front seats

Engine compartment

Anchor light (telescopic) smooth white streamlined
Batteries – each motor and 1 house
Bilge blowers
Bilge pumps with automatic float switches
Custom air vents
Electric motor hatches
Engine room lights
Automatic fire extinguisher (2)
H.D. motor mounts
Hydraulic steering
Offshore style battery holders

A question, a detail: I remain at your disposal, Patrick Medinboats in Hyéres 0787429495

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Number of cabins
Cabins beds
Total beds
Cabins typology
1 x Double V-bow