The birth of the Van Dam Nordia shipyard

The Van Dam Nordia shipyard, founded in 1881, embodies a rich history in the nautical industry. From modest beginnings, the company turned to the pleasure boat sector in 1908.

A decisive turning point came in 1956, when Van Dam Nordia built its first custom sailboat.

Twelve years later, the Dutch shipyard took another step forward, abandoning wood in favor of aluminum.

Over the years, Van Dam Nordia has continued to expand its product range and production capacity.

In 2004, a major milestone was reached with the completion of Psyrax, the first 100-foot unit to leave the yard.

In 2008, the family-run shipyard proudly announces the launch of its new flagship, a fully customizable 120-foot sloop. This vessel represents a true feat of engineering, offering yachtsmen a unique experience at sea.

Van Dam Nordia celebrates its centenary with the launch of its innovative range

On the occasion of the centenary of its foundation, Van Dam Nordia enthusiastically celebrates the achievement of its first century in the yachting business. In 2007, the shipyard launches the Ophira V, an 80-foot sailing yacht with “Traditional” styling.

Van Dam Nordia also presents the production of a 70-foot vessel as part of the new “Performance Cruiser” range.

This innovative range, with its emphasis on lightness, speed and comfort, is rapidly achieving remarkable success.

As a result, the all-new flagship was born. It features a 120-foot aluminum sloop. It has an impressive displacement of just 123 tons. As a fully customizable model, the boat is designed to appeal to owners looking for superior comfort and a thrilling boating experience.

Van Dam Nordia: Innovation, Expansion and Customization

From the 2010s onwards, the Van Dam Nordia shipyard has pursued its development with determination and innovation.

By focusing on the continuous improvement of the quality of its constructions, Van Dam Nordia reinforces its reputation as a builder of high-performance, high-quality pleasure craft.

One of the shipyard’s notable developments is the increasing adoption of sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies. Van Dam Nordia integrates more efficient propulsion systems and explores the possibilities of renewable energies, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of its vessels and preserve marine ecosystems.

The Van Dam Nordia shipyard is also expanding its range of models to adapt to different demands and market trends. In addition to custom sailboats, the company offers luxury catamarans, motor yachts and cruisers, all designed with the same rigor and commitment to excellence.

Van Dam Nordia’s most popular pre-owned models

Van Dam Nordia has evolved over the decades to become an undisputed benchmark in the shipbuilding industry.

The yard has built a number of sailing yachts that have gained in popularity and recognition over the years. Here are some of the pre-owned models that are highly sought-after on the market:

  • Van Dam Nordia 51
  • Van Dam Nordia 55
  • Van Dam Nordia 65
  • Van Dam Nordia 70
  • Van Dam Nordia 80
  • Van Dam Nordia 82
  • Van Dam Nordia 100

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