Sea Ray: the story of the iconic American powerboat brand

Sea Ray, an iconic brand of recreational powerboats, began in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan, thanks to the ambition and passion of Connie Ray.

Sea Ray made boatbuilding history by becoming the first manufacturer to use fiberglass in the construction of its recreational boats.

Originally founded as the privately held Ray Industries, Sea Ray is now owned by the Brunswick Corporation, which acquired Ray Industries in 1986 for $350 million.
Since then, Sea Ray has established itself as one of the world’s largest recreational boat builders. The yard offers a range of models from 5.2 meters (17 feet) to 20 meters (65 feet).
Currently, the company has several building sites in Florida and Tennessee, where it designs, manufactures and markets high quality boats to meet the needs of the most demanding boaters.

Sea Ray boats today

Sea Ray is one of the world’s largest recreational boat builders, offering its customers a premium boating experience through superior materials and quality construction, with an emphasis on safety, quality, comfort and design.

Sea Ray offers 3 types of boats. They are sport, deck boat and cabin cruiser models.

The Sun Sport range includes the models :

  • Sun Sport 230
  • Sun Sport 230 OB
  • Sun Sport 250

The Sundancer range includes the following models:

  • SDX 250
  • SDX 250 Outboard
  • SDX 270
  • SDX 270 Outboard
  • SDX 290
  • SDX 290 Outboard

The SPX range includes the following models:

  • SPX 190
  • SPX 190 Outboard
  • SPX 210
  • SPX 210 Outboard
  • SPX 230
  • SPX 230 Outboard

The most sought-after used Sea Ray models

Some Sea Ray models are known to be particularly popular on the used market. Among them, we can mention :

  • Sea Ray SPX 210 OB
  • Sea Ray 230 Sun Sport
  • Sea Ray 250 Sundancer
  • Sea Ray 250 Sundancer
  • Sea Ray 275 Sundancer
  • Sea Ray 420 Sundancer
  • Sea Ray SDX 250
  • Sea Ray 300 Weekender
  • Sea Ray 305 Sundancer

These models have their own features and benefits, making them attractive to different types of sailors and boaters.

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