Rodman: the undisputed leader in shipbuilding in Spain

In 1974, D. Manuel Rodriguez, the current president, created the Rodman shipyard. In fact, it is the oldest brand of boats in Spain. With more than 15,000 boats built to date, it is considered the leader in the Spanish nautical division. Rodman boats stand out for their diversity and versatility. As well as their high quality standards, great stability at sea and maximum safety.

The Rodman Group focuses on the construction of long ships using different materials such as steel and polyester. The yard offers a variety of boats, including sailing yachts as well as professional boats.

Since its inception, Rodman has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-speed patrol vessels for security and defense surveillance, intervention and support operations. Thanks to its expertise, the company acquired international prestige and recognition, becoming one of the leaders in its sector.

In 2021, the yard is launching the largest GRP patrol vessel (measuring 138 feet in length) built in Europe, and possibly in the world.

All Rodman vessels comply with Rodman’s internal quality system (RQS). As well as the strict Lloyds standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Pecal 2110/AQAP.

The Rodman 90 and Rodman 100 fast passenger catamarans also comply with the International Safety Code for High Speed Craft (HSC 2000).

Rodman’s diverse range of boats

Rodman offers a wide range of boats in three distinct categories. Firstly, Metalships & Docks includes steel vessels ranging from 30m to 170m.

Next, Nautical Professional focuses on building fiberglass patrol boats, workboats and passenger catamarans up to 30m.

Finally, Nautical Recreational presents four lines of pleasure boats: Rodman Ventura, Rodman Spirit, Rodman Evolution and Rodman Muse.

Rodman leasure boats

Rodman Ventura is Rodman’s new series of outboard boats. It is available in several deck versions. These include Open with center console, Open with forward cabin and Hard Top versions. The range includes boats from 6 to 8 meters in length. Currently, the models offered are :

  • Rodman 690 Ventura CC
  • Rodman 790 Ventura CC
  • Rodman 890 Ventura CC

The Rodman Spirit line embodies the spirit of freedom in sailing. It includes the models :

  • Rodman Spirit 31’Hors-Bord
  • Rodman Spirit 31’Hors-Bord Open
  • Rodman Spirit 31’Inboard
  • Rodman Spirit 31’Open IB
  • Rodman Spirit 42’Coupé
  • Rodman Spirit 42’Flybirdge

The models of the Rodman Evolution range are :

  • Rodman 1090 Evolution
  • Rodman 1090 Evolution Flybridge
  • Rodman 1290 Evolution
  • Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro
  • Rodman 33 Offshore

In 2006, the Rodman Muse range was created under the direction of naval architect Fulvio de Simoni. This range is the result of the combination of the beauty and personality of Rodman Muse, resulting from over 43 years of experience in boat building. It includes the following models:

  • Rodman Muse 44
  • Rodman Muse 50
  • Rodman Muse 54
  • Rodman Muse 74

Rodman professional boats

Rodman offers a wide range of patrol boats from 10 to 45 meters in length. The models are customizable to the most stringent needs and specifications of each client. This range includes the models :

  • Rodman 33
  • Rodman 38
  • Rodman 46
  • Rodman 55
  • Rodman 56
  • Rodman  58
  • Rodman 66
  • Rodman 78
  • Rodman 101
  • Rodman 111
  • Rodman 130
  • Rodman 138

In addition to fast patrol boats, Rodman offers a variety of boats such as workboats and passenger catamarans.

Passenger vessels include the following models:

  • Rodman 52
  • Rodman 53
  • Rodman 59
  • Rodman 84
  • Rodman 90
  • Rodman 100
  • Rodman 115

Rodman also designs and builds different types of boats for professional use. These are:

  • Work catamarans includes the Rodman 65, Rodman 69 and Rodman 82
  • Pilots and Harbors includes the Rodman 21 and Rodman 41
  • Fishing boats presents the models Rodman 43, Rodman 61, Rodman 61 Bateeiro, Rodman 83 and Rodman 120

The most wanted used Rodman boats

The most wanted used Rodman boats are :

  • Rodman 41
  • Rodman 54 Muse
  • Rodman 56
  • Rodman 59
  • Rodman 64
  • Rodman 700
  • Rodman 790 Fisher Sport
  • Rodman 890 Ventura
  • Rodman 800 Fly
  • Rodman 1250

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