Capelli: the story of a shipyard, founded by a passion for the River Po

In 1974, Davide Capelli founded the Capelli shipyard in Northern Italy. Thanks to his love for the River Po and his infinite creativity, he decided to launch this company. Initially, the shipyard specialized in the construction of flat keel fiberglass river boats. Later, with the arrival of his young son Umberto, the company quickly diversified. Indeed, he focused on the design and manufacture of innovative canoes for competition.

Today Capelli is a major player in the manufacture of small and medium-sized boats.

The Capelli Fisherman: a decisive success at the Genoa boat show that marked a new era for the company

In 1986, the Capelli shipyard experienced a decisive turning point. It was thanks to its first model of the 4.7-meter Fisherman, presented at the Genoa boat show. The boat is welcomed with great enthusiasm. This success marked the beginning of a new era for the company. Subsequently, in 1992, Capelli diversifies its production. The yard launched a range of fiberglass keel inflatable boats, which quickly conquered a substantial share of the market.

Capelli today: A wide range of fiberglass boats and inflatable boats

Currently, the Capelli shipyard produces 18 models of fiberglass boats. As well as 48 different models of inflatable boats. The continued success of the Capelli company can be attributed to two key factors. On the one hand to the constant quality in the manufacture of its boats. On the other hand to the organizational structure and thus innovative.

The yard offers 4 lines of fiberglass boats. These are :

  • Cap Line is the first line born at Capelli
  • Osia Line stands out for its Mediterranean style
  • Dino Line is dedicated to the founder of the shipyard
  • Freedom Line embodies the spirit of freedom in cruising

The Cap Line series includes the following models:

  • CAP 33 WA
  • CAP 28 WA
  • CAP 25 WA
  • CAP 25 Open
  • CAP 21.5 WA
  • CAP 21 Open
  • Capelli 20,5
  • CAP 19 Open
  • CAP 520 Open
  • Cristal 450 Sun
  • Cristal 400

The Osia Line presents the Osia 315 model.

The Dino Line includes the models :

  • Dino 26
  • Dino 23

The Freedom Line series includes the following models:

  • Freedom 20
  • Freedom 18
  • Freedom 16

Capelli offered several series of inflatable boats. These are :

  • Luxury Line
  • Top Line
  • Bow Rider Line
  • Yacht Tender Line
  • Tender Line
  • Easy Line
  • Fishing Line
  • Work Line 

The most sought-after Capelli used boats

The most sought-after Capelli used boats on the market are :

  • Capelli Tempest 700
  • Capelli Tempest 650
  • Capelli Tempest 570
  • Capelli Tempest 500
  • Capelli Cap 32 WA
  • Capelli Cap 25 WA
  • Capelli Cap 22 WA
  • Capelli Cap 19 WA
  • Capelli Tempest 775 Sundeck
  • Capelli Tempest 850 WA
  • Capelli Tempest 900 WA
  • Capelli Tempest 900 Open 

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