White Shark: the birth of the high-end outboard brand

In the 1990s, André Dauxin was the head of OMC France, a subsidiary of the American nautical giant. His ambition was to create a French brand of high-end boat engines. Thus, in 1993, OMC launched the White Shark brand.

The White Shark models are built at the Kelt shipyard in Vannes. From the beginning, the brand was a great success.

From the bankruptcy of OMC to the sale of White Shark

Due to the financial difficulties encountered by the OMC group at the end of the 90s, André Dauxin bought Kelt White Shark in 1996. However, he signed a partnership with OMC for Evinrude outboard engines. But in 2000, OMC experienced the biggest bankruptcy in the yachting world. Because of this collapse, the brand is sold to the Poncin group in 2003.

In 2013, Guymarine bought White Shark. But unfortunately, the buyer does not have the necessary funds to effectively relaunch the brand.

Eventually, White Shark was bought by French Boat Market, representing a significant opportunity for my brand. Indeed, previously, French Boat Market did not offer a brand specialized in high-end open hulls.

So, French Boat Market buys the intellectual property rights and the hull molds of the 8 models of the White Shark range in 2021.

The boat ranges offered by White Shark today

White Shark offers motor boats, specializing in open hulls and high-end day boats. White Shark boats are distinguished by their elegant design and careful finishing. Thanks to a deep V hull, the boats ensure optimal stability and maneuverability.

White Shark offers two series of boats.

The White Shark Center Console series includes boats with slim hulls and a center console. The boats offer great freedom of movement on board and ample storage space. These models are typically used for sport fishing, but can also be adapted for other water activities.

White Shark’s Sport Cabin series consists of boats equipped with a comfortable cabin and living area, as well as a spacious cockpit. These boats are designed for cruising, fishing and water sports, offering a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

The models of the Center Console range are :

  • 210 CC Origin
  • 230 CC Origin
  • 250 CC Origin
  • 300 CC Origin
  • 240 CC Evo
  • 280 CC Evo

The models of the Sport Cabin range are :

  • 240 SC Evo
  • 250 SC Origin
  • 270 SC Evo
  • 300 SC Evo

The most sought after White Shark used boats on the market

The most sought-after White Shark boats on the used boat market are :

  • White Shark 195
  • White Shark 206
  • White Shark 226
  • White Shark 237
  • White Shark 240 SC
  • White Shark 248
  • White Shark 265
  • White Shark 268

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