The foundation of the Elan shipyard and its significant beginnings in the production of sailing yachts

Elan was founded in the Slovenian Alps (on the territory of the former Yugoslavia) in 1945. Elan started as a company for ski production, named “Workers’ Ski Cooperative”. Later in 1949, the company shifted to the construction of kayaks, canoes and small wooden boats.

Soon after, Elan began exporting a range of small boats to the United States. The yard’s ambition was to build bigger and better yachts for a global market. The first Elan yachts were introduced in the 1970s, of which the most successful sold over 10,000.

In the 1980s, the yard began to produce large racing cruisers.

After the implosion of Yugoslavia in 1990, Elan was the only well-known brand in the country to survive. At that time, the company hired the famous yacht designer Rob Humphreys. Notably, their partnership resulted in the remarkable, award-winning Elan 31.

Rob Humphreys’ vision for the Elan line of boats: the perfect balance between racing and cruising

Rob Humphreys designed several other award-winning yachts for Elan, including the Elan 340 and Elan 350, which won European Yacht of the Year in 2007 and 2011. Since its election, the yard has been recognized for building high-performance, competitive yachts. Rob Humphreys contributes to the vision of the yard. In particular, by creating a range of boats offering an optimal balance between racing performance and cruising comfort. He calls it the 60/60 range.

Elan’s boat ranges today

The shipyard is also committed to producing its boats in an environmentally friendly manner. Elan yachts continue to win numerous awards.

With 70 years of innovation, Elan is known for producing quality boats that offer a pleasant sailing experience. Today, Elan offers three lines of sailboats. The Elan range focuses on racing and cruising yachts. The Impression range focuses on interior comfort for cruising. And the Grand Turismo range offers top-of-the-line yachts with exceptional sporting performance.

The Elan range offers the following models:

  • E3
  • E4
  • E5
  • E6

The Impression range includes the following models:

  • Impression 40.1
  • Impression 43
  • Impression 45.1
  • Impression 50.1

The Grand Turismo range includes the :

  • GT5
  • GT6

Elan’s most popular used boats

Some of Elan’s most popular models are :

  • Elan 331
  • Impression 434
  • Impression 384
  • Impression 444
  • Elan 450
  • Elan 37
  • Elan 333
  • Elan 35 Power
  • Elan 42 Power

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