The birth of Absolute Yachts: A story of passion and expertise

Absolute Yachts was founded in 2002 by Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi in the charming Emilia-Romagna town of Carpaneto, Italy. They quickly assembled a team of experts and visionaries who helped them consolidate their position in the boating industry.

Absolute’s range of boats extends from 39 to 70 feet. Thanks to their style and innovation, Absolute boats are widely appreciated.

Absolute Yachts: International expansion, awards and innovation in the boating industry

Absolute has won numerous international awards and is expanding its dealer network in several countries in and outside Europe. In addition, the shipyard has a 100% subsidiary in North America.

As a result, Absolute participates in more than 50 boat shows each year and continues to grow exponentially.

The shipyard designs unique boats while keeping in touch with the latest market trends, style and needs of boat owners.

Absolute Yachts today

Absolute Yachts offers a wide selection of high quality boats, ranging from the elegant Navetta boats to the spacious and luxurious Fly, as well as the sporty Coupe range.

The Flybridge range includes the following models:

  • 72 Fly
  • 64 Fly
  • 62 Fly
  • 60 Fly
  • 58 Fly
  • 56 Fly

The Coupe range is presented by the 48 Coupe.

The Navetta range includes the models :

  • Navetta 76
  • Navetta 73
  • Navetta 68
  • Navetta 64
  • Navetta 58
  • Navetta 52
  • Navetta 48

Used Absolute Yachts: The most sought-after models on the second-hand market

Due to their quality, innovative design and exceptional performance, several pre-owned Absolute Yachts models are highly sought after on the market. These include:

  • Absolute 56
  • Navetta 52 
  • Navetta 56
  • Navetta 58
  • Navetta 68
  • Navetta 73
  • 40 STY 
  • 56 STY
  • 70 STY

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