The beginnings of Galeon: the history of a family business

The Galeon shipyard was founded in 1982 by Mr. Wieczysław. The company is now run by his son, Jacek. Indeed, he starts his career as an apprentice alongside his father, since his youth.

Today, as CEO, Jacek focuses on innovation and continues to drive the company forward.

Renowned naval architects such as Tony Castro and Roberto Curtò have been responsible for the design of many Galeon Yachts models.

The Galeon shipyard has specialized in the design and manufacture of yachts up to 25 meters, becoming one of the most important European manufacturers.

Galeon Yachts – innovative growth and superior quality

Galeon is one of the most important European manufacturers and is constantly growing. The shipyard is proud to have won the prestigious Forbes Diamond 2022 award. This award is a testament to Galeon’s outstanding performance. It is a testament to Galeon’s commitment to building the highest quality yachts through innovative and strategic growth.

Today’s Galeon boat models: innovative design & exceptional performance

Today, Galeon offers a wide range of yachts, from sporty and agile models to luxurious pleasure yachts. These are: Flybridge, Hardtop, Skydeck and Sport Cruiser.

The “Skydeck” range offers yachts with a platform on the roof, offering a panoramic view of the sea. It includes the following models:

  • 430 Skydeck
  • 470 Sky
  • 510 Skydeck
  • 560 Skydeck
  • 650 Skydeck
  • 700 Skydeck

The Galeon Flybridge range is distinguished by its elegant and spacious yachts. It includes the models :

  • 300 Fly
  • 360 Fly
  • 400 Fly
  • 420 Fly
  • 460 Fly
  • 500 Fly
  • 550 Fly
  • 640 Fly
  • 680 Fly
  • 800 Fly

Galeon’s “Hardtop” range offers yachts with a modern and sporty design. The models offered are :

  • 310 HTC
  • 370 HTC
  • 410 HTC
  • 430 HTC

Galeon’s Sport Cruiser range offers elegant and high performance yachts, designed for those who love speed and thrills at sea. It includes the following models:

  • 350 HTS
  • 325 HTO
  • 335 HTS
  • 365 HTS
  • 375 GTO
  • 405 HTS
  • 425 HTS
  • 485 HTS 

The most sought-after Galeon pre-owned models

Used Galeon boats are highly sought after because of their superior craftsmanship and design.

Some of the most popular Galeon models include:

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