AIRON MARINE: a passion for sailing since 1976

Founded in 1976 on the shores of Lake Como, Airon Marine was born from the passion and experience of Paolo Molinari. At the age of 25, in collaboration with Walter Posca, he built his first 36-foot wooden boat.

This boat leaves a lasting impression in the annals of AIRON MARINE thanks to its breathtaking hull. Indeed, from the beginning, the objective of the shipyard is clear: to build reliable boats offering a real comfort and an exceptional quality.

The added value of the AIRON MARINE shipyard lies in the direct relationship that Paolo Molinari maintains with his customers. Thus, in the time he spends with his sons Camillo and Tommaso to transmit a deep knowledge of the boats, in order to ensure a perfect sailing experience.

These practices are reflected in the quality of AIRON MARINE boats. They have always been at the forefront of innovation thanks to the professionalism, precision and dedication that characterize the respect of tradition.

Italian expertise and know-how

The lines and models of boats offered by Airon Marine are unique and personalized, designed to meet a variety of desires and uses.

AIRON MARINE is known for its dynamic boats, which place them among the best in terms of speed, weight and power ratio. The boats offer a significant reduction in fuel consumption, light flotation and optimal sailing trim, eliminating the need for flaps. The internal parts are fully customizable and made of high quality materials, crafted in the purest respect of Italian know-how.

The AMX range includes the following models:

  • Amx 25
  • Amx 28
  • Amx 34

The Sport/Cruiser line includes the following models:

  • Airon 235 
  • Airon 325
  • Airon 345 
  • Airon 388/4100 Sport
  • 4300 Sports

The Fisherman line includes the following models:

  • Master Fish 279

The Hard-Top range includes the following models:

  • Airon  4100 T-Top
  • Airon 4300 T-Top
  • Airon 4500 T-Top
  • 4800  T-Top
  • Airon 5400 T-Top

AIRON MARINE used boats

AIRON MARINE models are an excellent choice because of their durability and longevity. Some of the most popular pre-owned models include:

  • Airon 235
  • Airon 277 Fish
  • Airon 325
  • Airon 345
  • Airon 388
  • Airon 400 T-Top
  • Airon 4300 T-Top

Find all our Airon Marine used boats.

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