When was the Grand Soleil shipyard born?

Grand Soleil Shipyard is an Italian company that has been designing and producing sailboats for over 40 years. Founded in 1973, the company quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its pleasure boats.

The first model produced by the Grand Soleil shipyard was the Grand Soleil 34 Finot. The boat won several regattas in its first year of production.

In 1982, the shipyard produced more than 200 samples of the GS 34 yacht, specifically designed for racing.

As a result, the Grand Soleil models quickly became known for their performance, elegance and construction quality.

Cantiere del Pardo and Grand Soleil

Over the years, the Grand Soleil shipyard continues to produce high quality yachts, using the latest construction technologies and working with the best designers and naval architects.

In 2014, the Grand Soleil shipyard was acquired by the Cantiere del Pardo group. Likewise, the construction of high quality yachts continues under the Grand Soleil banner.

Cantiere del Pardo offers a complete range of sailboats, from the GS 343 model to the GS 52. In addition, the “German Freers” collaboration has resulted in the design of iconic models such as the GS 42, the GS 45 and the GS 52, also known as the “Spaghetti Swan”. These yachts are renowned for their quality construction, elegant design and exceptional performance on the water.

The new models

Today, the Grand Soleil brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of its boats and its commitment to innovation and excellence. The Cantiere del Pardo shipyard offers two distinct lines of sailboats: the Performance line and the Long Cruise line.

The Performance line includes racing-cruising yachts designed to offer top performance on the water, while providing comfort on board for ocean cruising. Iconic models in this line include:

  • GS 40
  • GS 34
  • GS 44
  • GS 48
  • GS 58
  • GS 65
  • GS 72
  • GS 80

The Long Cruise range, as its name suggests, is focused on comfort and long-distance sailing. The yachts in this range are designed to offer maximum living and storage space on board, as well as equipment suitable for multi-day sea voyages. The models are :

  • GS 42 LC
  • GS 46 LC
  • GS 52 LC
  • GS 65 LC
  • GS 72 LC

Each of these lines offers sailboats of different sizes and configurations, allowing sailors to find the boat that best suits their needs and sailing preferences.

The most sought-after pre-owned Grand Soleil boats
Grand Soleil boats are also very popular in the used boat market, especially for cruising and racing yachts. Here are some of the most sought-after models:

  • Grand Soleil 45
  • Grand Soleil 56
  • Grand Soleil 40
  • Grand Soleil 43

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