Astondoa: the strength of a family shipyard passed on from generation to generation

The brothers Jesús and José Astondoa Martínez started building boats in a small workshop, thus marking the beginning of the history of the ASTONDOA shipyard in 1916 in Portugalete, Spain.

However, during the Spanish Civil War, the activity was suspended.

Afterwards, Jesús Astondoa turned to the construction of fishing and pleasure boats.

In 1944, his son Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the family business and soon took over the shipyard. The skill and quality of Astondoa’s wooden boats, as well as their high quality finishings, allowed the shipyard to gain national recognition.

After establishing the company on the east coast of Spain, the third generation of the Astondoa family joined the shipyard. In particular, the children of Jesús Astondoa Santamaría.

Astondoa’s technical revolution: from wood to glass fiber reinforced polyester resin

The 1980s marked a milestone in the history of the shipyard. Astondoa decided to move away from its traditional methods of producing wooden boats. As a result, the shipyard began building boats out of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin.

With this transition to more innovative production materials and elegant design, Astondoa consolidates its position as a leading shipyard in Europe.

Astondoa also participates in numerous international boat shows. As a result, the yard has won several awards for the quality of its boats.

The wide range of Astondoa boats

Astondoa builds a variety of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin boats. Models range from 40 feet to yachts over 120 feet. In addition, the megayacht range includes boats up to 45 m long with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures.

Currently, the Astondoa ”Coupe” range includes the following models

  • 377 Coupe
  • 377 Coupe outboard
  • 677 Coupe

The 66 Flybridge is the newest addition to the Astondoa ”Flybridge” line.

The Astondoa ”AS” range includes the following models:

  • As6
  • As8

The Astondoa ”Century” range includes the following models

  • 100 Century
  • 110 Century

The most sought-after used Astondoa boats on the market

It’s impressive that the Astondoa family continues to run the shipyard to this day.

In short, for over 100 years, Astondoa has built over 3,000 vessels, which is a testament to their commitment and expertise in shipbuilding.

There are several used Astondoa models that are sought after in the market. Some of the most popular include:

  • Astondoa 72 GLX
  • Astondoa 66
  • Astondoa 54
  • Astondoa 43
  • Astondoa 40
  • Astondoa 46 Fly
  • Astondoa 72 Flybridge

Each model has its own unique features, but all share the quality construction, elegant design and comfortable sailing that Astondoa is known for.

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