The beginnings of the Moody Shipyard

The Moody Shipyard was founded in 1827 in Swanwick, England, by shipbuilder James Moody. In fact, it is one of the oldest yacht brands in the world. In its early days, the yard specialized in the repair of fishing boats.

It is very interesting that the yard started building boats 100 years after its official foundation. In particular, by the grandson of the founder: Alexander Herbert Moody. At that time, the Moody shipyard turned to the construction of fiberglass pleasure boats. Indeed, it was one of the pioneers of this construction technique.

In 1935, a true masterpiece was born: the yacht Vindilis, which exists until today.

The history of the Moody shipyard: from a family business to an international reputation

Over the years, the company has built world-renowned yachts, including the Moody line of luxury fiberglass yachts.

Moody built the Solar 40, the first GRP yacht in 1965.

In 1969, Moody introduced the Carbineer 46, the first yacht with a deck saloon. This boat offered a luxurious feeling of comfort and space usually associated with catamarans. This innovation began a new tradition for Moody in the development, construction and sale of deck saloon yachts that continues today.

With the help of renowned yacht designers such as Laurent Giles, Angus Primrose and Bill Dixon, Moody has become one of Europe’s leading specialist sailing yacht builders.

Moody today

In 2007, the Moody shipyard was acquired by the German HanseYachts AG group, which continues to produce Moody yachts at its facilities in Germany.

Currently, the Moody range is composed by 4 models. They are :

  • Decksaloon 41
  • Decksaloon 45
  • Decksaloon 54
  • Aft Cockpit 41

The most famous used Moody models

There are several pre-owned Moody yachts that have gained a certain reputation in the sailing world, due to their build quality, performance and design. Here are some examples:

  • Moody 64
  • Moody 54
  • Moody 41
  • Moody 36

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