How did Lorenzo Benetti start his own shipyard?

In 1873, Lorenzo Benetti started the Benetti Shipyard in Viareggio, Italy, under the name “Benetti Shipyard”. The initial goal was to meet the growing demand for wooden boats for fishing and transportation in the Tuscany region.

Following the death of Lorenzo Benetti in 1914, his sons Gino and Emilio took over the management of the family business and renamed the shipyard “Fratelli Benetti” (Benetti Brothers). They continued to build wooden boats, but with technical innovations that allowed their creations to sail the oceans.

The roots of luxury: a look back at the first Benetti boats

Since its founding, the Benetti shipyard has earned a reputation for excellence in wooden boat building. In 1884, the shipyard built its first steam yacht, the “Franca”. Notably, this model marked the beginning of its expertise in the construction of luxury yachts.

During the Second World War, the yard built medium-sized steel military ships. After the war, the shipyard was faced with Italian restrictions on military production. It was then that Benetti produced the first ship in the region with a steel hull and a diesel engine, the “Raphaelo”.

In 1954, the company “Fratelli Benetti” separated the construction of sailboats and business yachts from commercial shipbuilding, which continued under the name “M & B Benetti”.

How did Benetti’s early designs shape the yacht industry?

After the death of Emilio in 1963, the management of Fratelli Benetti was taken over by Giuseppe and his son Lorenzo. Lorenzo was responsible for the company’s transition to building steel business yachts, abandoning wooden constructions. He also created three yacht models bearing the Benetti name. They quickly became popular all over the world. They are: the Delfino, the Tirreno and the Mediterraneo range (from 18 to 33 meters). The strong demand for these vessels quickly outstripped the shipyard’s production capacity.

In 1978, the company launched the Viano, a sailing boat that won the Admiral’s Cup. A year later, Benetti created Kingdom5KR (formerly Nabila) for Adnan Khashoggi. At 83 meters and over 2,465 tons, the boat became the largest yacht of its time. It is also famous for having been used in the James Bond movie “Never Again”.

Benetti’s development in the luxury yacht industry

After Lorenzo’s death in 1980, the company went through a period of financial difficulties until 1984. This was the year in which it was bought by Paolo Vitelli, owner of Azimut. Since then, the yard has been renamed Benetti.

Since the 2000s, Benetti has continued to evolve as a builder of custom luxury yachts, combining tradition and innovation to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

In 2006, Benetti launched its largest yacht to date, the 61-meter ”Golden Bay”. In 2007, the 63-meter “Lionheart” followed. Since then, Benetti has continued to build larger and more impressive yachts with state-of-the-art features and technologies.

In 2010, Benetti opened a new 300,000 square meter shipyard in Livorno, Italy, which has become the brand’s main production center.

In recent years, Benetti has launched several yachts over 70 meters, including the 107-meter “Lana” in 2020, which is currently the largest yacht ever built by Benetti.

Benetti continues to invest in research and development to design luxury yachts at the forefront of innovation, with a focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness. The company has also expanded its operations in the United States.

A look at the current Benetti ranges

Benetti offers world-class superyacht ranges, each tailored to specific needs and styles.

The Class range offers semi-custom yachts from 30 to 50 meters in length:

  • Motopanfilo 37M
  • Diamond 44M

The B.Yond range is Benetti’s newest range, launched in 2019. It includes the model:

  • B.Yound 37M

The Oasis range :

  • Oasis 34M
  • Oasis 40M

The B.Now range is a range of semi-custom yachts. The models are :

  • B.Now 50M
  • B.Now 60M
  • B.Now 67M
  • B.Now 72M

The B. Century line includes the following models:

  • B. Century 55M
  • B. Century 62M
  • B. Century 68M
  • B. Century 75M

The Full Custom range offers custom yachts from 95 to 107 meters in length:

  • FB272 M/Y Luminosity
  • FB275 M/Y IJE
  • FB277 M/Y LANA
  • FB273 M/Y ALFA
  • FB265 M/Y II.II

Second hand, first class: Benetti used boats

There are many famous pre-owned Benetti boats, but here are a few examples:

  • Galactica Star: built in 2013, this 65-meter yacht is one of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the Benetti line.
  • Seanna: this 56-meter yacht built in 2001 was completely renovated in 2014.
  • Mine Games: a 62-meter yacht, built in 2010.
  • Silver Angel: a 64-meter yacht, built in 2009.
  • Lady Michelle: built in 2003, a 55-meter yacht.

In summary, Benetti is a leader in the luxury yacht industry, with an established reputation for quality construction, reliable equipment and beautiful designs.

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