When was the Dehler shipyard founded?

Willi Dehler founded the Dehler shipyard in the early 1960s. He was a German naval engineer with a passion for sailing. His goal was to build high-performance, innovative racing yachts. He started building the boats in a small factory in Hamburg, Germany. The first born is the Dehlya 22.

Development of the yard over the years

Dehlya yachts quickly gained a reputation for their racing performance and build quality. For example, the Dehlya 25 won the first of many internationally renowned regattas for the Dehler brand.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Dehler shipyard continued to grow and produce larger and more sophisticated yachts.

In 1977, Dehler launched the Dehler 34. This model was a great commercial success and won many regattas.

In 1983, the Max-Plack Group acquired the shipyard, investing in new equipment and technology to further improve the build quality of Dehler yachts.

The development of the yard in the 2000s

In the early 2000s, Dehler continued to produce innovative racing and cruising yachts, such as the Dehler 36SQ and the Dehler 47. In 2010, Dehler launched the Dehler 41, which was a commercial success and won several industry awards.

In 2013, the Dehler shipyard was acquired by Hanse Yachts AG, which invested in new equipment and technology to further improve the build quality of Dehler yachts. Since then, Dehler has continued to produce innovative, high-performance sailing yachts, such as the Dehler 34, Dehler 38 and Dehler 42.

Dehler has also developed a line of fast cruising sailboats, called “Dehler Easy”, which includes models such as the Dehler 29 and Dehler 32. These sailboats are designed to be easy to sail and maneuver while offering high performance.

Dehler yachts today

Today, Dehler is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of high-end racing and cruising yachts. The brand continues to innovate and develop new models to meet the needs and requirements of the most demanding boaters.

The current models are :

  • Dehler 30 OD
  • Dehler 34
  • Dehler 38SQ
  • Dehler 42
  • Dehler 46SQ

Popular used Dehler sailboats on the market

Dehler has produced many popular models throughout its history, but here are some of its most sought-after used sailboats:

  • Dehler 31
  • Dehler 36
  • Dehler 39
  • Dehler 44

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