The founding of the British shipyard Princess, one of the world’s leading luxury yacht builders

The Princess shipyard was founded in 1965 by David King in Plymouth, England. The first Princess boats were 31 and 32 foot fiberglass fishing boats and motor yachts.
Over the years, Princess Yachts has expanded its product line to include boats ranging from 39 to 130 feet in length, offering elegant design and exceptional performance. The shipyard quickly began to specialize in building luxury yachts.
The first Princess yacht was launched in 1970 and was named Project 31. Since then, the company has continued to grow and has become one of the world’s leading luxury yacht manufacturers, with models ranging from 40 to 130 feet in length.

The development of the Princess shipyard in the 1990s

During the 1990s, Princess Yachts continued to grow and diversify. In 1994, the shipyard launched its new V Class sports range and the Princess V39 and Princess V52, which is considered as the first yacht with electric motors in Europe.
One of the best models of the brand is the Princess 65, launched in 1995. This 65-foot yacht is known for its elegant design and impressive performance. The 20-meter Princess, the first of the new “Meter” series, left the yard in 1996. The Princess 72, launched in 1997, is another notable model of the decade, offering great stability at sea and generous living space for owners and guests.

Princess Yachts in the 2000s

In the early 2000s, Princess Yachts continued to evolve and grow, introducing new models such as:

  • Princess V65 (the largest of the V Class series at the time)
  • Princess V62
  • Princess 21M
  • Princess 50
  • Princess 85 Motor Yacht
  • Princess V85
  • Princess 95 Motor Yacht
  • Princess 54

Key moments in the development of Princess Yachts in the 2000s include the opening of a new production center in South Yard in 2006, as well as the launch of the V-Class range in 2008, which included sporty and dynamic yachts.

The production of M-Class yachts starts in 2009. The shipyard presents 4 new models:

Princess V42
Princess V56
Princess V78
Princess 78 Motor Yacht

In 2010, Princess is recognized as the first yacht builder in Europe that controls its environmental impact. It is certified to a RINA Green Plus (Y) level for its entire line of V Class yachts and flybridges up to 24 meters (85 feet).

What are the most popular models?

Among the top Princess models of this decade are:

  • The Princess 64, launched in 2010, was a high-end Flybridge yacht offering spacious interiors and excellent performance at sea.
  • The Princess 72 Motor Yacht, launched in 2009, was another popular Flybridge yacht of this period, offering spacious and comfortable interior and exterior living areas for owners and guests.
  • The Princess V62-S, launched in 2013, was a sporty and dynamic yacht offering exceptional performance and an elegant exterior design.
  • The Princess 88, launched in 2014, was an 88-foot Flybridge yacht offering customizable interiors and comfort for owners and guests.
  • The Princess S72, launched in 2014, was another sporty yacht from this period, offering high performance, bold exterior design and spacious, luxurious interiors.

In 2017, Princess Yachts continued to position itself as a leader in luxury yacht construction. That year, the shipyard launched several new models, including:

  • Princess S60
  • Princess 62
  • Princess 55
  • Princess 75
  • Princess 49

In addition to launching new models, Princess Yachts continues to invest in production and facility improvements, including an expansion of its Plymouth production facility to meet the growing demand for its luxury yachts.

Princess Yachts Awards

Princess Yachts has won numerous awards and honors throughout its history for its well-designed and well-built luxury yachts. Here are some notable examples of these awards:
In 2019, the Princess Y85 won “Best Yacht in the 24-40 meter category” at the World Yachts Trophies.
In 2018, the Princess 70 wins “World’s Best Flybridge Yacht” at the Asia Boating Awards.
In 2017, the Princess 49 wins “Best Yacht in the 45-64 Foot Category” at the Motor Boat Awards.
In 2016, the Princess 75 won the “Best Yacht in the 60-70 Foot Category” at the Asia Boating Awards.
In 2015, the Princess 98 Motor Yacht won “Best Yacht in the 24-40 meter category” at the Motor Boat Awards.
In 2012, the Princess V52 won the “Sport Cruiser over 45 feet” award.
In 2012, the Princess V39 won the “Best Imported 30-40 Foot Yacht” award at the 2012 AIM Media Marine Group Editor’s Choice Award ceremony in the United States (this is the second generation Princess V39)

These awards are a testament to Princess Yachts’ quality, innovation and expertise in building high-end luxury yachts.

The new models Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts presents a wide variety of yachts, with an emphasis on luxury and innovation.
Some of their best known models include the M Class, S Class and Flybridge series. The Princess 40M, the Princess 30M and the Princess 88
are also very popular models of the brand.
Today, Princess Yachts is one of the world’s leading luxury yacht builders.

The X Class range of Super Flybridge yachts:

  • Princess X95
  • Princess X80

The Y Class range of yachts:

  • Princess Y95
  • Princess Y85
  • Princess Y80
  • Princess Y72

The range of S Class yachts:

  • Princess S78
  • Princess S72
  • Princess S66
  • Princess S62

The Flybridge F Class range:

  • Princess F65
  • Princess F55
  • Princess F50
  • Princess F45

The range of V Class yachts:

  • Princess V78
  • Princess V65
  • Princess V60
  • Princess V55
  • Princess V50
  • Princess V50 Open
  • Princess 40

The range of R Class yachts:

  • Princess R35

The Best Used Princess Models

There are several pre-owned Princess Yachts models that are highly sought after in the market due to their quality construction, elegant design and exceptional performance. Here are some of the best known pre-owned Princess boats on the market:

  • Princess V39 (a 12-meter sports yacht)
  • Princess 42 (a 13 meter Flybridge yacht)
  • Princess 45 (a 14 meter Flybridge yacht)
  • Princess 56 (a 17 meter Flybridge yacht)
  • Princess 60 (a Flybridge yacht of 18 meters)

These pre-owned Princess yachts are highly regarded in the market due to their quality construction, elegant design and exceptional performance, as well as their high residual value.

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