The foundation of the Fairline shipyard

Fairline Boats is a British company specialized in the construction of luxury pleasure boats. It was founded in 1963 in Oundle, Northamptonshire, England, by Jack Newington.

The first boats built by Fairline were wooden models, but they soon adopted fiberglass for the construction of their hulls.

Here are some of the early Fairline fiberglass boat models:

  • Fairline 19 (launched in 1967)
  • Fairline 23 (launched in 1972)
  • Fairline 32 Sedan (launched in 1975)
  • Fairline Turbo 36 (launched in 1981)

Over the years, Fairline has developed a range of boat models from 19 to 78 feet in length, with styles ranging from sport fishing boats to luxury cruising yachts. The company is also known for its commitment to design and build quality, with boats featuring luxurious interiors and high-end finishes.

Fairline has had its ups and downs over the decades, with changes in ownership and economic difficulties at times. However, it remains a prestigious brand in the luxury yachting industry.

Today, Fairline’s model range includes boats such as the Targa, Squadron and F-Line, with sizes ranging from 33 to 78 feet.

The development of the Fairline shipyard in the 90’s

In the 1990s, Fairline continued to expand. The shipyard launched new models of boats to meet the demands of the market. These were the Targa and Squadron models, which met with great commercial success.

Fairline introduced the Targa 33, a sports boat with a hardtop, which became one of the brand’s most popular models. In the same year 1990, they also introduced the Squadron 55, a luxury cruising yacht that was also a great success.

Fairline introduced the Phantom 41, a 13-meter flybridge yacht, in 1997. The boat became one of the company’s best-selling models.

In the 1990s, Fairline also invested in new technologies. In particular, production equipment to improve the quality of its boats and thus optimize the production process. All of this has contributed to Fairline’s reputation as a builder of quality luxury boats.

The development of the Fairline shipyard in the early 2000s

In the 2000s, Fairline expanded its range of boat models with the introduction of new models and the improvement of existing ones.

Here are some of the most popular Fairline boats from this period:

  • Fairline Squadron 74: a luxury cruising yacht, launched in 2002
  • Fairline Targa 47: a sports boat, launched in 2005
  • Fairline Phantom 50: a 15 meter flybridge yacht, launched in 2005
  • Fairline Squadron 58: an 18 meter flybridge yacht, launched in 2006
  • Fairline Squadron 65: a 20 meter flybridge yacht, launched in 2007

In addition to launching new models, Fairline has also invested in modernizing its production facility to improve the efficiency and build quality of its boats. In 2008, they also launched a customization program called “Fairline Bespoke”. Through this program customers can customize their boat to their preferences.

However, Fairline also experienced financial difficulties during the 2000s. In particular due to the financial crisis of 2008. Indeed, the company was sold several times over the years. Despite this, it continued to produce quality luxury boats.

The development of the Fairline shipyard since 2010

Here are some examples of new boats introduced by Fairline in recent years:

  • Targa 62 GT (2010)
  • Squadron 78 Custom (2012) this customizable luxury cruising yacht has become one of the brand’s most iconic models
  • Targa 48 Open (2016)
  • F-Line 33 (2019)

In 2016, they launched the “Fairline Fleet” program, making it easier for boat owners to manage and maintain their boats.

The Fairline boat ranges today
Fairline offers several lines of boats, each offering different models. Here is an overview of the ranges and models currently offered by Fairline:

The F-Line range is designed for nautical pleasures and leisure activities. It includes two models:

  • the F-Line 33
  • the brand new F-Line 41

The Targa range is designed for sport boat enthusiasts. It includes four models:

  • the Targa 45 GT
  • the Targa 48 GT
  • the Targa 58 GTB
  • the brand new Targa 65 GTB

The Squadron range is designed for luxury cruising. It includes three models:

  • the Squadron 50
  • the Squadron 65
  • the brand new Squadron 78

The Explorer range is designed for exploration trips. It includes the Squadron 68 Explorer, a customizable long-distance yacht.

Each boat model is designed to offer exceptional performance, spacious and comfortable living areas, and high quality finishes and elegant design. In addition, Fairline offers customization options so customers can create the boat that best suits their needs and preferences.

The most popular pre-owned Fairline boats

Fairline’s most sought-after and highly-rated pre-owned boats are typically the Squadron line of boats, which offer spacious living space, exceptional performance and high-end finishes.

Here are some of the models in Fairline’s Squadron line that are often considered the best pre-owned boats:

  • Fairline Squadron 58
  • Fairline Squadron 65
  • Fairline Squadron 68
  • Fairline Squadron 74
  • Fairline Squadron 78

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