Which solution to choose for the sale of your boat?

When selling your boat, you are interested in several criteria. Notably the selling price, the selling period, the financial and legal security of the transaction, but also the conditions.

Let’s consider first the case, when you decide to sell your boat by yourself. Obviously – you take on the whole thing. In particular – many round trips and jokers to inform, financial risk, hidden defect, etc..

The solution of brokerage by a yacht broker allows to limit the risks, to reduce the delays, and thus to get rid of the administrative aspect.

What are the advantages of a boat trade-in by a professional ?

Finally, a simple trade-in by a professional has other advantages. The table below summarizes the respective interests of these three solutions:

A better look at this comparison, it appears that :

Selling price Intermediate Cost Selling time Financial and legal security Conditions
Private Sale **** ***** ** ** **
Yacht broker ***** *** **** **** ****
Boat takeover *** ***** ***** ***** *****

Even if the trade-in price seems unfavorable, this solution outweighs the others for each of the other criteria.
The trade-in of your boat allows you to eliminate the cost of the intermediary, and to reduce the time of sale to a maximum.
Also, the trade-in of your boat allows to secure the seller, since the boat becomes the property of a professional who will have to assume 100% of the responsibility related to this status (hidden defect, guarantee, recourse, delivery, administrative…).
The trade-in of your boat removes almost all the constraints (preparation, visit, travel, administrative, expertise, etc.).

What are the costs for the trade-in of your boat ?

We have seen that the only drawback of this solution is the price of the trade-in of your boat. The professional must necessarily foresee the costs of transport, insurance or location. At MED’IN BOATS, the trade-in prices are “expert” prices. That is to say that a neutral expert, but mandated and paid by MED’IN BOATS. His mission is to come on board and exchange with the owner. Consequently, he collects the necessary documents (registration, invoices, maintenance..). Then, he sends us his report and his estimate.

This procedure is the simplest. Indeed, it guarantees to everyone a fair transaction and a fair price. This solution of taking back boats is all the more interesting when there is a need for repairing the boat. The repair will cost less to a professional than to a private individual. Moreover, the professional prefers to sell a “refurbished” boat, checked and controlled, after construction, to control his after-sales service.

What is the methodology at MED’IN BOATS?

MED’IN BOATS regularly takes back boats, monohulls or catamarans, mostly with sails. Thus, our team sets up refit yards so that the boat becomes saleable, and interesting for the buyers. Thanks to this, they benefit from a professional preparation of their used boat.

Whether it is a sailboat or a catamaran, the boat is completely emptied, inspected, cleaned and a list of work is established. It aims to make the boat cleaner and safer to the taste of the day. And above all to prevent any breakdown or technical problem of obsolete elements, which could cause. The aesthetic aspect is not neglected during a trade-in/refit operation. It is possible that MED IN BOATS chooses to change the cushions, the floors or the veneers, to foresee a polish or even a hydro-rubbing… The objective is always that the boat, object of the trade-in, is then sold in an optimal state, at all levels. In particular – after checking the engine, the electrical system, the rigging or the safety equipment.

If your boat is getting old, and you want to start a new project on a recent boat, then let’s talk about trade-in!