What to know about exporting a boat from the Caribbean to a French territory ?

If you are planning to go to the West Indies to export your boat to a French territory (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin or Saint Barthelemy), you will have to make sure that you are in compliance with French law. Indeed, if you wish to leave your boat in one of these territories you will have to pay the dock dues to the customs services. This tax is applicable if your boat stays more than 18 consecutive months in French territorial waters. This period corresponds to the maximum duration of “temporary admission”. This means that it allows a boat to stay in EU waters without paying customs duties.

What are the conditions in the different cases?

Any departure from a French territory to a neighboring foreign island allows you to benefit from a new temporary admission upon your return to French waters.

If you make a transatlantic voyage with your boat and then work in a French territory (even for a period of less than 18 months), you will also be subject to dock dues.

However, if you do this as part of a move following a transfer or a professional opportunity, you may be exempt from this tax. For more information on the formalities to be adopted in your situation, we invite you to contact the customs office of your region in order to explain the context of your project.

Choose an insurance for your boat in the Caribbean

It is also important to plan a protection adapted to your situation in order to benefit from the best insurance for your boat in the Caribbean. Here again, we invite you to contact your insurer directly. It is important to know what kind of protection and guarantees they offer according to your sailing program. You can trust professionals such as La Maïf, April Marine, Pantaenius or Generali who have been insuring many boaters for years in the Caribbean. They will propose you an insurance adapted to your program and to your boat to sail in all serenity.

Taking care of your boat’s maintenance in the Caribbean

Once on site, the maintenance of your boat in the Caribbean is all the more important because of certain climatic factors. For example, the sun and humidity can be very impactful for the maintenance of its good condition. In addition, you will always find qualified professionals to meet your service needs in the careening areas. And so – to your needs of materials in the numerous shipchandlers of the marinas. In Guadeloupe, you will find everything you need at the Bas du Fort marina in Fort de France. In Martinique, you will find a real nautical village built around the Marina du Marin.

If you plan to leave your boat for several months at a time, it is important to be well prepared. First of all, it is certainly preferable to store the sails and outer fabrics to protect them from bad weather. Also, it is advisable to have dehumidifiers for your interior. You can also approach a house sitting service. Their mission is to air your boat from time to time and eventually start your engine to ensure minimum maintenance during your absence.

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