How the first PRESTIGE boat was born ?

32 years after the launch of Jeanneau boats in 1957, the shipyard presents a new line of luxury yachts on the market. The birth of this line is the result of the collaboration with Cabinet Garroni Design. So, in 1989 the first model was born – it is the Prestige 41 Open.

In the 2000s the production of Prestige boats accelerated.

Thanks to the success of the Prestige 36 model, the brand becomes recognized by the public as one of the most emblematic Flybridge on the market.

In 2010, the brand launches a brand new line. That of the Grand Yachts. The first model of this line is the Prestige 60, a magnificent motor yacht that is a worldwide success. The Prestige 60 is elected for the European powerboat of the year 2010. And so for Croatian powerboat of the year 2010. In addition, 20 units are sold in China for the period of 5 years.

The international success of the brand continues and in 2012 Prestige has the largest dealer network on the European market.

In 2014, Prestige Yachts launched its flagship yacht – the Prestige 750. This exceptional motor yacht has received several awards. First in 2014 at the ”WOLRD YACHTS TROPHIES 2014” in the categories ”best design” and ”most successful”. Then – at the ”Nautic Design Award” 2014 in Paris. The following year the Prestige 750 is elected for ”European Powor Boat of the year 2015” at the boat show in Düsseldorf.

In 2016, Prestige completes its range of motor yachts between 40 and 75 feet. The brand launches two new models – the Prestige 680 and the Prestige 680 S. The Prestige 680 is elected for Motor Boat of the year 2015.

The development of the Prestige Yachts brand from 2017 to the present day

Prestige Yachts continues its development. In 2017 the brand launches 4 new models. These are – Prestige 560, Prestige 560 S, Prestige 630 and Prestige 630 S.

In 2018 Prestige surprises its audience again with the launch of its brand new range: S-Line. This range presents models of sporty motor yachts, designed with ultra responsive and high performance driving.

In 2020, Prestige Yachts launches a new range, named X-Line. It is designed for ultra-luxury motor yachts, which impresses by its innovative concept, as well as the comfort and well-being on board. The first luxury boat to come out of the range is the X-70.

Today Prestige Yachts presents on the market its 4 exceptional ranges. These are:

Among the older models of Prestige Yachts, the best are:

  • Prestige 420 F-Line
  • Prestige 500 F-Line
  • Prestige 560 F-Line
  • Prestige 630 F-Line
  • Prestige 680 F-Line
  • Prestige 750 F-Line
  • Prestige 60 F-Line
  • Prestige 550 F-Line
  • Prestige 440 F-Line
  • Prestige 450 F-Line
  • Prestige 400 F-Line
  • Prestige 350 F-Line
  • Prestige 500S
  • Prestige 620S
  • Prestige 60S
  • Prestige 550S
  • Prestige 450S
  • Prestige 440S
  • Prestige 390S

Prestige boats today

Today, Prestige Yachts presents a complete line of flybridge.

More than 4,000 Prestige motor yachts sail around the world.

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