When was Beneteau born – the world leader in boating?

The history of the Beneteau boat builder begins in 1884 in Croix-de-Vie (Vendée) France. It began with Benjamin Bénéteau’s idea to build sailing trawlers for fishermen. A few years later, he built the first motorized sardine boat.

Then, in 1910, his son André Bénéteau took over the shipyard. After the Second World War, he was in charge of rebuilding the entire fishing fleet. Then he introduced a great novelty and innovation in the boats, designed to fish for tuna.

The following years are marked by many successes and developments in the fishing-cruising boat market and thus the sales of Jeanneau Sangria sailboats and the launch of the first two-masted Beneteau sailboat: Evasion 32.

The Beneteau Antares range was born in 1974 with the innovation of a planing hull.

Two years later, the famous Beneteau First range was born with the launch of the first First 30. The Swift Trawler was created based on the new Cap Camarat Flyer.

The development of the Beneteau shipyard and the birth of its best ranges

The Beneteau First range marks great success with its stable and competitive yachts, in particular the Beneteau First 30 and the First 42. Then the Beneteau First 35.5. In 1982 Bénéteau is recognized as the world leader in the construction of sailing boats.

Among the other best models of the First range are:

  • The First 18, produced in 1000 units
  • The First 22, released in 1978 and produced in 750 units
  • The First 25, produced in 1115 units
  • The First 29, produced in 520 units from 1983 to 1989
  • The First 38, produced in 250 copies
  • The First 305, produced in 640 copies
  • The First 32s5, produced in 280 copies
  • The First 32, produced in 500 copies
  • The First 35, produced in 400 copies

The development of the shipyard during the 90s

The birth of the Bénéteau Oceanis range is oriented towards the construction of comfortable cruising yachts. The first yachts in the range were the Oceanis 430 and 350, and following their success, the Oceanis 320 and 390 were launched.

From 1990 to 2002, the fabulous one-design Figaro Bénéteau 1, designed for solo ocean racing, sailed the equivalent of 7 Vendée Globe races, i.e. 156,000 miles.

In the 90’s, Bénéteau invested in its boats and thus invested in the purchase of different shipyards. The shipyards – Jeanneau, Lagoon, CNB (since returned), Gendron and Wauquiez (since sold) join the Beneteau group.

During this period of the 90s, Beneteau develops its Oceanis and First ranges. The production is concentrated on sailboats over 10 meters. At this time, 1,400 of the Oceanis 411 model were built.

This period is also marked by the birth of the new Spirit range. Remarkable sailboats came out of this range. They are the First 300, First 120 and First 260.

The new ranges of the Beneteau group since 2011

Bénéteau launched a new range in 2011. Named Barracuda, it is intended for sport fishermen.

In 2016, the shipyard focuses on sailing-performance projects, and creates the Racing Division of the Beneteau Group.

Later, the Figaro Beneteau 3 arrived on the offshore racing circuit. It is the first one-design ocean racing boat equipped with foils.

The same year was also marked by the birth of the EXCESS brand, designed for cruising catamarans.

The Beneteau Group’s international presence

As a result of the large production volumes, Beneteau now has several shipyards in France, Europe and the United States. More specifically, there is a Beneteau production site in Italy, two in Poland, two in Portugal and one in the United States. Of course, the heart of construction remains concentrated in France with 9 shipyards.

Today the Bénéteau Group comprises 10 brands and 190 models of boats
As a result of the extent of the development of the Beneteau Group over the years, today it brings together: 10 brands, representing 190 models of boats.

Currently, the shipyards affiliated to the Beneteau Group are:

The 190 models of boats come from different ranges of catamarans, sailboats, powerboats and monohulls. The goal – to meet the needs of several customer segments. This includes the segment related to the production of outboard motor boats, small sailboats and Excess catamarans. However, the only sailing model under 10 meters that the shipyard has kept on the market is the Oceanis 30.1.

The other construction segment, which Bénéteau is developing, represents luxury boats, Bordeaux sailboats, trawlers and Prestige powerboats.


  • Grand Turismo
  • Swift Trawler
  • Grand Trawler
  • Monte Carlo


  • Flyer
  • Anatares HB
  • Grand Turismo HB

So, today the Antares range is proposed in inboard and outboard motorization.

What are the Bénéteau motor ranges and the main models?

Bénéteau has 5 ranges of powerboats:

  • Flyer (from 5 to 10 meters)
  • Antares (5 to 11 meters)
  • Grand Tourismo (from 9 to 14 meters)
  • Swift Trawler (from 11 to 14 meters)
  • Grand Trwler (18 meters)

The models of Bénéteau motorboats of the Flyer range are:

  • Flyer 10
  • Flyer 9 SPACEDECK
  • Flyer 9 SUNDECK
  • Flyer 8 SPACEDECK

The Antares range is:

  • Antares 11 Fly
  • Antares 11
  • Antares 9
  • Antares 8
  • Antares 8 FISHING
  • Antares 7
  • Antares 6

The Bénéteau powerboat models of the Gran Turismo range are:

  • Gran Turismo 45
  • Gran Turismo 41
  • Gran Turismo 36
  • Gran Turismo 36
  • Gran Turismo 32

The Beneteau powerboat models in the Swift Trawler range are:

  • Swift Trawler 48
  • Swift Trawler 41
  • Swift Trawler 41 Fly
  • Swift Trawler 35

The Grand Trawler 62 is a new luxury powerboat, which was born from the Grand Trawler, as a result of the great success of the Swift Trawler range.

What are the Bénéteau sailing ranges and its main models?

Beneteau has 5 sailing ranges:

  • First (up to 17 meters)
  • First SE
  • Oceanis (from 9 to 15 meters)
  • Oceanis Yacht
  • Figaro Beneteau 3 (from 17 to 18 meters)

The Bénéteau sailing boat models of the Oceanis range:

  • Oceanis 51.1
  • Oceanis 46.1
  • Oceanis 40.1
  • Oceanis 38.1
  • Oceanis 34.1
  • Oceanis 30.1

Those of the Oceanis Yacht range:

  • Oceanis Yacht 60
  • Oceanis Yacht 54

The Bénéteau sailing boats of the First range:

  • First 27 SE
  • First 24 SE
  • First 18 SE
  • First 14 SE

In addition, the Figaro Bénéteau 3, which is the third generation of the legendary Figaro Bénéteau hydrofoil monohull. This one won the title ”European Yacht of the Year” in 2018.

Beneteau – exceptional build quality

Over the years, Bénéteau boats have undergone a constant and remarkable evolution. Since the company was founded in 1884, Bénéteau has innovated to create faster, safer and more comfortable boats. From the first pleasure boats to modern luxury yachts, Bénéteau boats today are recognized for their elegant design, superior performance and exceptional build quality.

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